A car lockout: It’s the worst feeling you can possibly have – that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize you’ve been locked out of your car. You’re familiar with it, because it happens to everyone, even the most organized and cautious among us. In a moment of lapsed concentration, or fatigue, or whatever other reason, you feel around in your pockets or purse. Your car keys aren’t there, and your car is locked. Then it hits you – the keys are inside the locked car.

Fortunately for you, in Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Winchester, Menifee/Sun City, Canyon Lake, Perris, Nuevo, and Temecula, you only need to know one number, and that is for your local GT Lock & Key. Let us share some of our hard-earned expertise in the area of car lockouts, and the important things you need to remember.

A Car Lockout Isn’t What It Used To Be

You may remember old movies when a car hobbyist, or thief, or home-mechanic, would deftly open up a locked car with some simple implement, such as a coat hanger or stretch of wire. Those days are long gone. Modern vehicles – whether car, SUV, minivan, pickup or any other kind of truck – are much different from the good old days. In many instances, the locks are connected to the electrical system. Attempting to break into your locked-out vehicle may well result in the electrical system shutting it down completely, making it undrivable, even if you were to get in.

What to do when a Car Lockout Happens

Attempting to slide a piece of metal through a window gap to address your car lockout is generally futile these days too. Car security systems and design changes have made the ability to push the lock button to “open” very difficult, or even virtually impossible.

Trying to pick the lock with a bobby pin or some other implement will not only be unsuccessful the vast majority of the time – you also run the very real risk of damaging your paint or metal finish. Even worse, you could also set off your car alarm, resulting in a very embarrassing situation. Worst of all, fiddling with the lock may damage the interior mechanism itself, resulting in an expensive repair bill once you finally get back in.

Your Best Call for a Car Lockout – an Experienced Locksmith

Here’s a great piece of advice: Keep the phone number and contact info of a local professional and qualified locksmith on hand at all times. Keep it in your wallet, purse, or stored in your phone. It’s a number you will be extremely happy to have on hand, in the unfortunate event of a car lock-out situation, particularly when it’s:

  • Late at night
  • In bad weather
  • A remote location

The best locksmith companies are available 24/7 for just such emergencies. You’ll be glad to have the number on hand when you need to get out of a car lockout situation. They can do it, easily. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Carry around a number for a locksmith, whether you drive a lot, or only occasionally. Mistakes like this happen to the best of us.

Car Locksmith Near You

What Expert Locksmiths Know About Car Lockouts

A qualified car locksmith, like the kind we employ, will have all the resources at hand to fix your car lockout. Some of the vehicle lock systems out there today are pretty sophisticated. There’s no way the average car owner will have the knowledge or equipment ready all the time to handle such an emergency situation.

Our skilled technicians do.

They have the equipment, tools, training, and know-how to address every type of car lockout. They will also know the geographical area you are located in, so whether you locked yourself out of your vehicle in the driveway, on a short trip, at work, or out on the road somewhere, they will be able to find you. As mentioned, the very best locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, because problems such as a car lockout can happen any time of the day or night.

The Best Possible Advice for a Car Lock-Out Bears Repeating

Always keep the number of a 24/7 qualified locksmith handy, in the event that you get locked out of your vehicle. It’s the simplest way to assure you don’t stay locked out for very long. At GT Lock & Key, we know car locks inside and out. We hope that in the Murietta and surrounding area, it’s our number you have on hand in the event of such an untimely and unfortunate situation. We are more than happy to get you back into your vehicle and driving again. Now you know you have help in the event of a car lockout.

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